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Best Vapes to Look Out For in 2022

As vaping becomes more and more popular worldwide, the industry grows. With this growth comes some good and some bad. Growth in the vaping industry means that companies will raise the bar and come up with innovations that propel vaping forward. However, rapid growth can bring it down fair share of dangers.

Rapid growth often brings with it an explosion of new products. Some newcomers purposely push fakes, tainted oils, and B-grade products for a quick profit. However, at Dream Planet Smoke and Vape, we implore our customers to know that quality is integral to your vaping experience.

As such, not only do we stock our shelves with the industry’s most trusted brands, but we also let you know about some of the best devices and products your money can buy. So, let’s get to it. Here are a few of the vapes you had have your eye on this New Year.

Geekvape L200 (Aegis Legend 2) 200W Starter Kit

The Aegis L200 Legend 2 is an upgrade to its predecessor, the popular Aegis Legend Mod. The L200 builds upon the Legend Mod’s durability and its reliability. This vape’s standout features are its lightness and its portability.

Noticeably smaller and 30% lighter than the previous model, the L200 will provide a smooth, seamless smoking experience wherever you take it. In fact, let’s expound on this device’s durability. The device’s wide temperature range affords it full functionality in temperatures ranging from a frigid -10 degrees Fahrenheit up to 120 degrees.

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OXVA Vativ Super Mod Kit 100W 5ml

OXVA positions itself as “the Most Innovative Brand with the Best Flavor” and they might be on to something. The brand is all about making technological advancements that enrich their customers’ vaping experiences. They’re the ultimate balance of power, simplicity, and versatility.

For instance, the OXVA Vativ Super Mod Kit features lossless switch between Box and AOI. This makes for peak performance, better energy efficiency and superior battery life. In addition, this vape pen’s design allows you to replace batteries and switch coils in seconds. When it comes to the OXVA Vativ Super Mod Kit, we’re talking peak performance and convenience with every pull.

Smok Nord 50 Starter Kit

Don’t let its pod-sized appearance fool you, this vape packs a punch. Its two pods work perfectly with the upgraded airflow system to deliver scrumptious flavor and even more vapor with each toke.

The Smok Nord’s appeal lies in its customizability. For instance, your pen can come in one 15 eye-catching color and texture options. With its easily adjustable air switch, you can tweak the airflow to your preference as well.

Hyppe Bar Max Flow Tank 3000 Disposable

When it comes to budget vape offerings, the Hyppe Bar Max Flow Tank 3000 Disposable stands alone. It is a premium, pre-filled disposable device with major improvements from its predecessor, the HYPPE Bar.

Not only does this ultra-compact device provide over 3000 puffs, but it also doesn’t compromise the quality of its users’ smoking experience – even at such a modest price point. For instance, to compensate for its lack of a sub-ohm tank, The Max Flow Tank is constructed with a tank and coil design to give smokers great flavor and cloud production on every pull.

So What’s Next?

At Dream Planet Smoke and Vape, not only do we give you the information you need, but we also go above and beyond to meet your smoking needs as well. Please feel free to stop by and check out what we’ve got in stock.

If we don’t have one of the items, we’ve mentioned in this blog – our highly trained and well-informed staff will provide you with their recommendations.

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