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Getting Your Vape Ready for The Spring Parties

Austin, TX has been a hub for the smoking and vape crowd for decades and has even recently decriminalized marijuana. This local order is not only a big move for racial justice in the city, but it also shows that the government is potentially viewing marijuana with the nuance and discernment that “traditional” smoking does.

With new policies aimed at reducing the number of criminal cases against carrying recreational amounts of marijuana, smoke shops’ stigmas are becoming undone, and more people are frequenting businesses like ours. With this, we are seeing demand for tobacco, smoke, vapes, and more skyrocket, but also leaving many wondering where they can enjoy their newfound hobby. With that we are here to answer the #1 question we get in the shop – where should I go to smoke outside of my home?

Without any further ado, here’s a handful of locations in Austin where you can enjoy a smoke.

Zilker Park

Zilker Park is widely regarded as one of Austin’s most beloved parks. It’s also one of the largest in Texas, with close to four hundred acres of woodlands and sports fields. As such, it’s pretty easy to find somewhere away from the crowd. Looking to stay away from crowds and enjoy serenity? Fear not – the park is literally acres of flat land; you’ll see them coming from a mile away. 

Blunn Creek Preserve

Just across the street from St. Edward’s University is the wild, rugged Blunn Creek Preserve. The park is said to be larger and far more brutal than its more popular counterpart, the Blunn Creek Greenbelt. Even if you’re not the biggest outdoorsman or an avid hiker, you can appreciate the hilly overlooks, the beautiful trees and the winding trails. If you ever find yourself somewhere shady and out of sight, feel free to indulge yourself.

Great Hills Park

Great Hills Park was little more than a neighborhood park. Now, this quaint space has become one of the more sought after hiking trails in Austin. Many hikers find the 2.3-mile route to be fairly easy to complete. Most people finish it within an hour or so. The park is about 80 acres in size so, if you find a spot where it’s just you and the wildlife, feel free to unwind!


Although Austin has relaxed its stance on marijuana, THC – the psychoactive compound in marijuana – is 100% illegal and still falls under the list of controlled substances, which carry heavy penalties and fines for those caught with them. Dream Planet always insists every customer to adhere to the legal guidelines set forth by your local government(s). Unsure as to what these are? Come in store and we can help you out!

If you’re looking for the best smoke accessories and products, look no further than Dream Planet Smoke & Vape Shop. We are here to help you enjoy the smoke of today, and be prepared for the ever-changing landscape of tomorrow!

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